Free Coin Tricks

Free Coin Tricks

1) 7 Pennies (Create a Fun Story with This Trick) – What amazes me most about this coin trick is that it fools people! Yet it does, over and over again. Absolutely amazing that people don’t figure out this one. This is a great chance for you to perfect your story telling technique, to make your tricks more interesting. Learn 7 Pennies, Now

2) When Is a Coin Trick Not a Coin Trick? (salt shaker, or other item) – In this trick, you use a coin as a prop, but the surprise comes when it’s NOT the coin that’s affected by your “magic.” I decided to teach you this coin trick, because so few magicians think to generalize this trick to other impromptu props. So easy, once you know how.

3) Card Trick Turned Coin (9 card mind reading) – You’ll need a partner for this one. In this scenario, you use coins for mind reading. It’s perfect for parties, especially when the party starts to lag, and you need something to spark everyone’s interest.

4) Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic and the Orange Stars – This isn’t a coin trick, but rather a story about something that happened in my mid-teens that made me a much better coin magician. And I didn’t even know that an unintentional trick had been pulled on me until years later. Read How I Was Faked Out Here…

5) Another Bobo’s Coin Magic Story? – With the popular response to the last Bobo’s story, I wrote another for you. This one is about The Bobo Coin Magic Master of The Pacific Northwest. You won’t believe what he could do with coins. Read what “Steve” did to earn my label of Coin Magic Master of Oregon.


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1) Loading the Coin to Reappear; It Even Fools Me! – This is one of the first “moves” I learned in magic. It was taught to me formally in a magic class, when I was 8 years old. I still use the technique just about every day. No kidding. It happens so fast and so smoothly, that it “kinda” fools me.

2) The Coin That WASN’T switched (loading a prediction coin in their hand)

3) The Oops Coin Vanish (For wannabe actors)

Make All Your Coin Tricks More Amazing

1) Let their brains catch up … but not too much –

2) Raising “The Stage” For More Visual Coin Magic –

3) Repeat or Not Repeat The Minor Miracle? –

4) The Best Way To End a Coin Routine (nonsensical denouement) –