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Coin Magic That Really Is FREE! No Kidding!

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of sites that are constantly pitching their tricks, trying to get me to buy the next piece of junk out on the market.

It really does get tiring.

For example, I am a customer on one site that “literally” sends me a sales pitch EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ugh. (That’s one email that I really could do without.)

Well, this site isn’t about getting you to try to buy something. And neither is the Free Coin Magic Newsletter.

Sure, I’m the author of a book that features coin magic, but you’ll rarely hear about it on this site. (Although, if there is a sale for it on another site, I might give you the heads up. Call it a courtesy, rather than a sales pitch.)

This is a website devoted to teaching you coin magic … for free.


Because I love magic, and I especially love the visual impossibilities created with coin magic. And I don’t need to make a living off this website. (I have other sources of income.) This site truly is a labor of love.


For example, the minute you sign up to the zine (newsletter), you’ll get a link for an instant download of The No-Vanish Coin Vanish. By the way, I know someone famous who still uses this trick all the time, even in front of small groups of fans.

Several days after that, you’ll get another free magic trick download, and three or four days after that, yet another free coin trick.

Notice how I didn’t say I was going to try to sell you on some expensive coin magic course? Well, because I’m not.

Note: As I mentioned before, the only time I’ll point you to something for purchase, is if I want to share a deal with you.

Other than trick downloads, we will have discussions about performing amazing coin magic, and what it takes to get good.

I’ll also point you to an occasional magic cartoon, or some link I think you should know about.

Are you ready to sign up?

The No-Vanish, Coin Vanish is waiting for you on the other side. Look for the email in your box, once you join the group.

Talk to you, soon.



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